Colin Thornhill (Chairman)

My name is Colin. I have been an active member of Emmanuel Christian Centre in Ulverston since 1988, when my family moved into the area.  God has blessed me with a wonderful wife, Sue, 3 children and 3 grandchildren.

God has done so many things in my life I'm thankful for, too many to list here.  Suffice it to say I serve a God who is not only the creator of the universe with all that's in it, but a God who desires a personal relationship with everyone.  I'm privileged to have that relationship and would love others to experience it.

I've been involved with Cornerstone since 2012 and the chairman since 2014.  It's a privilege to be involved in a work started over 60 years ago with a vision given to 4 local Christians.  The lives touched throughout the ministry of the shop through the Bibles, books, media and gifts sold from it would be impossible to gauge.  Not to mention the prayer and conversations that have taken place.  Hence, my passion is to see this work continue and more lives touched.


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Janet Dickinson (Secretary)

Anne Hood

My name’s Anne Hood and I’m a member of Ulverston Parish Church (UPC). I retired from my job as a children’s social worker in 2016.  I have a big family and enjoy spending as much time with them as I can.

In 2017, I became involved with Cornerstone when together with other churches in Ulverston we staged the Passion Play.  Following this, I was asked and accepted a role as trustee. Cornerstone is so much more than a shop.  Where else can you buy a bible, a novel, cards, gifts, find out about local churches, have a chat or have some time to reflect or pray in a quiet room behind the shop.

We greatly value all the people who pass through the doors of Cornerstone, for whatever reason. It is  a privilege to be part of this unique and vibrant ministry.

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David Parratt

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Dick Taylor

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Chris Knox